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As an Independent Advisor in our professional network, you will be able to support your client from start-to-finish by assisting in the non-legal aspects of the estate planning process.  This includes educating your clients on estate planning concepts, gathering information, working in conjunction with an attorney in our network, to create important planning documents, a living trust, aiding in the execution and funding of the trust, and assisting with the settlement process. 

1.  Once your application has been approved,  you will receive a sample trust (full binder) customized to your home state, a training manual, a sample client workbook, and The Living Trust book by Henry Abts III.

2.  When you have a client you will  input their information into our client workbook (provided online); then you will provide the workbook to an attorney in our network to create the trust.

3.  The attorney will send us the client/trust information electronically; we will then prepare the documents and ship them by FedEx to you or the attorney’s door within 2 weeks.  (A mini-summary is printed in addition to printing the trust and provided in the shipment for the attorney to forward to you.)

Training/Education INCLUDED

A training course is included in your set-up fee, The Basic Institute for the Estate Preservation is offered several times a year.  It is necessary to complete this course within your first year of affiliation.  We require this course because we have found it to be extremely valuable in your performance and success.  We've gathered nearly 30 years of proven results.  For information on The Basic Institute for the Estate Preservation please click here.

Resource Center INCLUDED

You will have access to the Affiliate Resource Center.  This is a password protected area you will be given access to utilize numerous tools and resources at your fingertips.  It includes items such as articles, educational material, forms, marketing materials, workbooks and more.

Referrals INCLUDED

We offer free referrals to our trusted network professionals that are generated through The Living Trust book and through our website.

Expert Support INCLUDED

We offer education and expert support for client estate planning solutions (strategy), developing business strategies, tracking changes in federal law and tax code that will impact the industry, and keeping you alert of the changes through email, your Affiliate membership to the website, and our newsletter The Source.

Affiliate Membership INCLUDED

ACCESS TO ALL:  Articles, The Source e-newsletter, Videos, Seminars, Case Studies, the Forum and Blog, 25% off Education, 45% off Training Institutes, Infographics, Tools and the Affiliate Resource Center.


There is a one-time set-up fee of 695.00. When your application is approved,  you are set-up as an affiliated professional in our network, and receive access to our network tools, forms, education and resources. 


1. Request your Information & Application Packet, please fill it out and submit it by faxing to 775-828-4444 or emailing it to 

2. Once we receive the application, we will review and approve it.  We will contact you upon approval and payment. (Any application that is not accepted will receive a full refund or not be processed.)

3. We will send, by FedEx ground, a sample trust (full binder) for your state, a sample client workbook, and The Living Trust book by Henry Abts III.  Included in your set-up fee is our educational training course; The Basic Institute for Estate Preservation, it is recommended you attend this course at your earliest convenience, and modules are now available online if you prefer to get a quick start.  The training manual you will receive is for this training course.

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