What is the difference between affiliation and a free membership?

Affiliation positions you as part of the professional Advisor or Attorney Network, and allows you to access to our document solutions, full resources & website back-office, our nationwide Network and referral programs.  Choose affiliation if you want to participate in the process of helping your clients obtain the best trust documents for their estate planning needs, and the best resources to help you grow the estate planning portion of your business.  Affiliation includes an “Affiliate Membership” access level to the resources available on our website.

Do I have to affiliate to attend a Training Institute?

No. As a financial planner or attorney, you are welcome to attend our training Institutes.  View the details for each scheduled event on the home page under “Training Events.”  We want to see you there!

How often is new material posted?

New articles are posted monthly.  New videos and tools are posted quarterly.  Keep checking with us, as we have more exciting things on the way!

Can I link these videos or articles to my website?

Yes, there are videos that you can post in your website.  Please contact us for more details on this at 800-292-0223.

When I click an article or video, it takes me to the “Become a Member” page.  Why?

The articles, videos, case studies, and tools are coded for different levels of membership.  If you are a free member, only the articles on the home page or videos labeled “FREE” are available for viewing.  If you are not setup as an Affiliate member, you will need to at least register for a free membership to view the free postings.

Can I submit trust document requests directly through this website?

No.  All trust requests only come to us from our Attorney Network, which are provided with another system to communicate their document needs.

I don’t see a list of Network Advisors or Attorneys.  How do I know who’s available in my area?

If you would like to speak with an advisor or attorney about your estate planning needs, please contact our Client Services Department at 800.292.0223 to be provided with the closest active affiliate in your area.

If you are part of the Network and are looking for a colleague in another location, please call 800.292.0223 for assistance.

What if I want to upgrade my membership mid-year?

You can upgrade at anytime, just give us a call at 800-292-0223.

How do I change my password?

You are able to change your password by calling Advisor Services at 800.292.0223 for assistance.

How do I update my email address?

If you wish to update your email address please contact us at 800-292-0223 or alliances@tepsource.com

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel at anytime through your account or by contacting us at 800-292-0223 or alliances@tepsource.com