The Estate Plan Network


As an attorney in our Licensed Attorney Network, you will be able to provide the finest estate planning document packages to your clients, matured through nearly 30 years and a 1,000 network attorneys, and utilize our excellent support services as your back office. Our system allows you to build the estate planning portion of your business by receiving referrals from our network of Independent Advisors, save valuable time on research of federal law changes, document processing and reduce the cost of generating new clients. View more


As an Independent Advisor in our professional network, you will be able to support your client from start-to-finish by assisting in the non-legal aspects of the estate planning process.  This includes educating your clients on estate planning concepts, gathering information, working in conjunction with an attorney in our network, to create important planning documents, a living trust, aiding in the execution and funding of the trust, and assisting with the settlement process.  View more


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