The Living Trust book, by Henry Abts, III
"The Bible on How to Avoid Probate"
Over 1 million copies sold

The Living Trust book was written by Henry Abts III, founder of The Estate Plan. The Living Trust did not just materialize overnight. The seeds germinated for many years, he was influenced by situations that he encountered through personal experiences as well as a host of situations specific to his clients. Meeting with thousands of clients gave Henry the opportunity to address their technical questions in terms they could understand. When the clients asked for written information to forward to their parents in Florida, or to their children in New York, he began writing his experiences down. As the years passed, many of Henry’s clients, and eventually a publishing agent, asked him to write a book about the Living Trust in layperson’s terms. They felt he had a way of explaining complex concepts in simple and understandable terms. The Living Trust took four years of writing and a year of editing and was first published in June 1989. The book immediately became a nationwide success. It was updated in 1993, 1997, and in 2002, and more than one million copies have been sold.

The Living Trust : The Failproof Way to Pass Along Your Estate to Your Heirs

• The Living Trust makes the old-fashioned will obsolete
• Includes information on the estate tax, the gift, and the generation-skipping tax
• Eliminates estate-devouring probate charges and attorneys' fees
• Guarantees a timely distribution of funds to your heirs
• Assures that no one may contest or overturn your wishes regarding disposition of your estate
• Shows how to protect your business, savings, and retirement from frivolous lawsuits
• Legally valid in all fifty states

A Living Trust is a simple, inexpensive legal alternative that eliminates the costs and delays of probate and ensures that your loved ones will receive their inheritance promptly and exactly as you intended. The Living Trust- the bible on how to avoid probate- will show you how to take full advantage of this critical estate planning tool. The updated edition of The Living Trust includes the latest information on trust formations, tax changes, distribution rules, and more. It also offers:

• Insight into abuses within the probate system
• Advice on how to protect your business, savings, and retirement funds from frivolous lawsuits.
• The effects of the Economic Growth and Tax Reconciliation Act of 2001 on estate tax, gift tax, the generation-skipping tax, and stepped-up evaluation.

Sample and ancillary documents, including estate preservation and tax-saving documents, a living will, and costs of a Living Trust, all updated to reflect the latest tax changes and Living Trust requirements.

You may think your heirs have been well provided for, but did you know that:

• Your loved ones may have to wait more than two years before receiving a penny from your estate- even though you left a legally valid will?
• Costs of probating your will may eat up more than 10 percent of your estate- money your heirs will never receive?
• The specific instructions of your bequest may be contested or changed completely- even though clearly spelled out in your will?
• A will cannot help you in life. If you become incapacitated or your judgment comes into question, it becomes a matter for the courts to decide and is a very public process.


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Chapter 1 - Lest We Forget

Chapter 2 - The Agony Of Probate

Appendix A

~ "The Living Trust is unquestionably the layman's most nearly complete source on living trusts...Recommended reading for anyone who wants to maximize his net estate left to heirs, speed asset distribution after death, avoid will challenges, minimize estate costs, and maintain privacy." -Robert Bruss, Esq., and nationally syndicated real estate columnist, Chicago Tribune

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